City Week 2016

July 12-17, 2016

City Project Week is hosted every year by Grace Church & Restoration Now. During the week, we serve our community through home repairs and Vacation Bible School in the Cloverleaf mobile home park. On Mon/Wed/ & Friday we have reflection dinners to share and celebrate what God is doing.  Join Us!

How Can I Help?

PRAY for the project and VBS – that God would beglorified


VOLUNTEER (see below)

DONATE (make checks out to Grace Church and put “VBS” or “City Project” in the memo line)


We are still looking for a Wednesday evening fellowship dinner host. Contact



Tuesday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at 4412 E. Mulberry St. Fort Collins, CO 80524.

During City Project week, we will be having Vacation Bible School in Cloverleaf mobile home community. This is not just for Cloverleaf kids, it is also for Grace kids ages 4 and up! Grace’s high school and middle school youth groups will be helping with VBS. If your children will be attending, please let Stephanie Mikkelsen know (

Current Needs

  • Music – Leader and 1-2 helpers
  • Story Time (Someone or mulitple people to share the story and/or organize a skit) – Leader and 4-5 helpers
  • Craft – Craft Leader, Someone to pick up supplies and 2-3 helpers
  • Snack – Leader and 4 people to bring a snack (1/day)
  • Nursery at the church – 2 people/ day
  • Memory Verse & Check-in – 1 person to teach the verse to the group, 2-4 people to listen to memory verse recitation, and 2-4 people at check-in table

**If you plan to volunteer and need nursery care for a little one – please let Stephanie know.

Volunteer to help with VBS by contacting Stephanie at

3. Volunteer to work on the PROJECT


Monday through Friday, 9a.m. to 4 p.m.

Volunteers RSVP to Anna by emailing


  • Donations towards project materials: Please make checks payable to Grace Church with “City Project” in the memo line.
  • At least 10 volunteers / day for work projects

What to Expect:

For work projects please plan to bring: hand tools (drills and hammers etc.), gloves, comfortable old clothes, sunglasses, and sunscreen. All workers will need to sign a liability waiver. We need as many workers (skilled and unskilled) as possible to make these projects happen! Half-day workers are also welcome — if your schedule does not allow you to work a full day, consider a half-day. 

4. Provide CHILDCARE for those working on the project or with VBS

RSVP for Childcare: If you will need childcare at the church (for children up to age 3; children ages 4+ may attend VBS), please contact Stephanie Mikkelsen (


We like to honor our volunteers who work on the project by bringing them lunch each day. This is a HUGE benefit to the success of the project and the efficiency of the workers. Please consider signing up for this. If it seems too big to handle by yourself, grab a friend and sign up together. Bringing take out or pizzas is always acceptable. It does not have to be a home cooked meal!