Restoration Now

PastedGraphic-1Restoration Now exists to bring hope to our neighbors of Fort Collins through home renovation. By utilizing the resources in our community, RN seeks to provide physical, spiritual and emotional stability for our neighbors.

Why does Restoration Now exist?

Underneath the beauty and greatness of Fort Collins people are hurting and without hope. A number of support agencies exist in our community, but are not able to relieve all their client’s needs, and as we have witnessed, especially their housing issues. These clients, our neighbors, do not have the resources to repair major issues in their homes. Sometimes it is not possible for them to physically do the work, but in most all cases they cannot afford the repairs.

Who benefits from Restoration Now?

Our neighbors in this community. Through our relationship with the current local support agencies, we will organize work projects to help their clients in need of home repairs. Agencies we have worked with in the past, and will continue to pursue, are the United Way, Northern Colorado Aids Project and Volunteers of America. Some of our past projects have been as simple as painting the interior of a home. Some have been as extensive as major roof repairs. Whatever the project, while watching the home transform, we witnessed the testimony of lives changing. People’s souls and spirits were revived. It brought them a fresh start to life. One homeowner said: “it gave us a boost that we needed just to feel like we could live”. This was largely due to the involvement and compassion of the volunteers doing the work. These volunteers have been changed as much, if not more, than the people served. Social stereotypes and walls were broken down, and we all experienced the fullness of life God has given.


If you have any questions or would like to learn about volunteer opportunities, please contact Don at