An Invitation

A Fort Collins church for the broken and weak?

In C.S. Lewis’ work, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Christ is represented by a lion named Aslan. When Lucy, a young girl, first approaches Aslan, she asks her companion, “Is he safe?” To which the companion answers, “Safe? Of course he is not safe! He’s a lion after all. But, he is good!”

When approaching a relationship with Jesus one needs to receive the same warning. Jesus, as the Son of God, is not safe. He is God after all. But He is good! As the woman He befriended at a well in Samaria learned, He will reveal all your hidden sin, but only to create a thirst for the living water of His grace and mercy. This woman learned the essence of the gospel, namely, the One who knows us best loves us most!

Grace Church Presbyterian is all about knowing and making this Jesus known. We firmly believe that He will change us, others, Fort Collins and the world through the power of His gospel as we embrace Him in a community of real and lasting relationships. However, as Jesus changes us and others in and through our church family three things must be understood:

  • We must affirm that we are all in process. All change presupposes the need for change. As frail people, we all need a safe place to wrestle with our expectations, questions and fears. That is the kind of place Grace Church seeks to be.
  • We must also affirm that real change will be uncomfortable. If we are really serious about “loving God and our neighbor,” it is going to be messy. Are we not, however, tired with a Christianity that demands.
  • We clean up and put on a good front so others will think us “together?” Jesus offers so much more!
  • We will lastly affirm the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ to transform us from the inside out! Jesus doesn’t promise to merely clean us up on the outside (religion does that); He promises to make us new people by changing our hearts to desire Him and thus, all that He is for!

If this sounds frightfully attractive, we invite you to join our growing family!